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Hydro-Zorb™ Water Soluble Tinctures

 Our Water Soluble Tinctures are made with our proprietary blend of ingredients. This formulation is called Hydro-Zorb™.  This Hydro-Zorb™ powder contains hemp extract full spectrum cannabinoids.  These Cannabinoids are broken down into a nano-particulate powder for maximum absorption into the body. 

The milligrams shown on our bottles reflect a milligram quantity of Hydro-Zorb™ contained in each bottle.  That milligram count contains a percentage of Total Cannabinoids. While you lose some of the potency during the nanotized process, you gain absorption of the ingredients into the body. 

One gram of Hydro - Zorb powder contains 43 milligrams of full cannabinoids.

Our Hydro-Zorb™ formulation is blended with a structured water and our Hydro-Zorb Hemp™ Extract Water Soluble Nano Technology Tinctures are born!


 the proportion of a drug or other substance that enters the circulation when introduced into the body and so is able to have an active effect. 

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