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Hydro-Zorb Water Soluble Tinctures -


Our Water Soluble Tinctures are made with our proprietary blend of ingredients. This formulation is called Hydro-Zorb™.  This Hydro-Zorb™ powder contains hemp extract full spectrum cannabinoids.  These Cannabinoids are broken down into a nano-particulate powder for maximum absorption into the body. 

The milligrams shown on our bottles reflect a milligram quantity of Hydro-Zorb™ contained in each bottle.  That milligram count contains a percentage of Total Cannabinoids. While you lose some of the potency during the nanotized process, you gain absorption of the ingredients into the body. 

Our Hydro-Zorb™ formulation is blended with a structured water and our Hydro-Zorb Hemp™ Extract Water Soluble Nano Technology Tinctures are born!

Available / Retail 



750mg - $59.99

1500mg - $79.99

2500mg, - $89.99 

3,500mg $119.99

*milligram counts reflect hydro-zorb milligrams and there are 43mg /g cannabinoids

Liposomal Solutions & CBD Sleep Melatonin


We have four products in this category. 

250mg , 500mg, Hemp Extract with Melatonin 10/5  for Sleep and Hemp Extract Advanced Sleep 25/10.

Liposome - a minute spherical sac of phospholipid molecules enclosing a water droplet, especially as formed artificially to carry drugs or other substances into the tissues.

We extract rich in terpenes and cannabinoids into liposomes, we have improved the absorption of terpenes and cannabinoids and prolonged its’ effect in the body.* We call this phenomenon “The Liposomal Effect.” With this innovation, terpenes and cannabinoids are delivered directly into the intestinal cells to overcome absorption difficulties.*  Not only faster absorption, but also more efficient and longer blood circulation times are achieved.* 


 Our Liposomal Solution is available in a 250mg and a 500mg dosage.  

Retail -

250mg $34.99

500mg $59.99

Clean Green Mart Honey Sticks & Dispenser


If you are in the retail business, you must take a look at our Honey Stick Dispenser.  This is one of our most popular items and an amazing seller for any retail counter top.  We have these sitting in doctors offices, pharmacies, shops, boutiques and other specialty stores. 

Our honey sticks are 14mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract and are sold in the retail space as singles, packs of ten and bundles of 50.  Specialty orders available in quantities of up to 5,000 and we can ship in pallets for distributors.  

Retail $2.99 per stick

Ten Pack $21.99

Full Spectrum CBD generally refers to CBD oil products that not only contain CBD, but also contain some terpenes and other cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN and could contain some THC. *Always less than .03% THC.

25mg Soft Gels Broad or Full Spectrum-


 25mg Soft Gels Not a powdered capsule, but a Soft Gel.  

Available in Broad Spectrum (zero thc) and Full Spectrum (less than .3% thc) 

Retail Pricing - 

250mg bottle - 10 Soft Gels $21.99

750mg bottle - 30 Soft Gels $59,99

1500mg bottle - 60 Soft Gels $99.99

Gummies - 10mg and 25mg CBD


Enjoy our tasty gummies.   Available in 10 and 25 milligrams of CBD.  Very popular because they can very easily be added to anyones daily routine. 

Each Gummy Bear contains 25mg of CBD in an isolate and Full spectrum CBD oil blend.

Retail Pricing 25mg each 

100mg  $7.99

250mg  $14.99

375mg  $19.99

500mg  $24.99

625mg $29.99

5mg CBD Water Soluble Teas


A balanced, delightful blend of calming herbs + CBD Cultivated throughout the world, and used medicinally in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, chamomile has earned global popularity for its calming effects. Paired with healing lemon balm, and a hint of lavender, we’ve added 5 mg water-soluble CBD to each tea bag. 

Eighteen tea bags, each contains 5mg Water Soluble CBD.

Retail Price $19.99

Four Flavors -  

CBD Chamomile Tea

CBD Ginger & Turmeric Tea

CBD Peppermint Tea

CBD Matcha Tea (caffine)

 90mg Water Soluble CBD – $19.99

*All four varieties of our CBD Teas have been tested to reveal zero percent THC.

Our Poduct Selection

Flower Bulk Multi Sizes & 2 Grams


High CBD  industrial hemp flower with less than .3% tch. 

Available in 2 grams or custom bulk orders.

Two Grams

Retail $19.99

"Hemp Doobs" Pre-Rolled Flower 1.5 grams


High level Pre Rolled industrial hemp with less than .3% thc.  

Not powdered shake, sticks or stems but trimmed bud for maximum efficacy. 

Loaded with 1.5 grams and come packed in resealable childproof tube.  

Retail $12.95

500mg Skin Topical Roll On


Our most popular oil roll on skin topical.  Simply roll on your skin, infused with our special formulation with a hempy lemongrass essence. 

This is infused with 500mg full spectrum mixed with mct oil for maximum efficacy. 

One ounce 30ml glass roll on.

Retail $39.99

Advanced 1000mg Cooling Cream


Our Advanced formulation of key ingredients which are added to 1,000mg of isolate CBD then bottled in a 100ml, airless pump bottle. 

Retail $79.



Available in 300mg jars and 

500mg jars

15 or 25 per

1000mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil Tincture


1000mg Full Spectrum 

30ml. Bottle

33.3mg per serving

Flavors Available 

1500mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Tincture


30ml. bottle

Flavors Available 

50mg per serving

Carried in MCT oil 

Retail $79.99

Multiple Product Packages

Organic Hemp Extract Shampoo and Conditioner. 
Build your brand, build your cbd business.

Available Now

Testimonials Available


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Our bath bombs

We can customize packages 

500mg CBD Pain Gel Roll On


Wholesale $--

Suggested Retail $59

90ml - roll on 


CBD Gummies 250mg Ten Servings - 25mg per


Wholesale $--

Suggested Retail $20



private label wholesale cbd 

25mg Beard Roll Oil Roll On


Our special formulation and essential oils and 25mg CBD 

Retail $19.

14.3mg per stick Full Spectrum Honey Sticks (ten pack) 143mg


Wholesale $--

Suggested Retail $24.99 

Three flavors and strengths 

Pack of 10 sticks


Payment Financing Terms


Payment Terms 

50% Deposit Upon Placing Order

50% Upon Receipt Delivery

Batch Financing Loans


Batch Processing Financing 

We offer In House Easy Qualification Financing.  In MOST cases (depending on merchant statements and your business activity) we can offer your business a loan "in house loan" through one of our finance partnerships.  

In most cases we can also offer additional financing for your business if you need additional capital to assist in your business operations.  

We would need to review last four months merchant transactions statements.  We will then offer you daily payments thru your batch processor.  This allows for the most transparent repayment program.  

Our retail partners find this a very convenient loan source and may utilize this as an ongoing credit line for their business.